Day 8 of Tech Impact Vestibule

The last 2 weeks have been one of the best experiences of my life. Better than the time I went back packing in Europe all alone. Why do I say?

I say this because, I have met 21 other students who are determined and hard-working just like me. Everyone in the class has not taken any days off and have made it to all 8 days to the vestibule. We all have helped each other throughout the program and have development friendships along the way. For someone like me, who I never thought I would be able to help out a fellow classmate with code or anything related to the programs we used in class, I was asked questions and I was able to answer confidently.

Well, as far as today’s vestibule class, Dawn introduced HTML, CSS and DOM and showed us where we could download a clone copy of Dan Shiffman’s tutorial’s to HTML, CSS and DOM.

During the afternoon part of the class we finished any incomplete projects and update our WordPress blog post.

Overall, this program has been a great and a once in a life time opportunity to learn to become a web developer. And I am thankful for being here, I hope I see the whole class back in class on March 6th.

Until then, See you guys and gals! Peace.


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