Spotify Music Visualization Event 2/18/17

As an assignment for the Tech Impact program, we had to attend a tech related meetup and document what we saw or if we worked on a project at the event. I chose to go to the monthly Spotify Music Visualization Hackathon with my fellow classmates.

The Spotify event was my first ever tech meetup and going into it, I felt nervous because when I think tech meetup, I get an anxiety because of the possibility of building a project and presenting. Especially, right now with not knowing much coding, I am not 100% confident to show off my work. Nevertheless the event kicked off with four keynote speeches by :

Deborah Johnson’s, who talked on Historical Examples of Music Visualization, at the Music Visualization Hackathon.

The second speaker was Matthew Kaney explored music composition through interactive visuals in a NYU Music Experience Design Lab project with New York Philharmonic.

The third speaker was George Michael Brower of Always & Forever Computer Entertainment talks interactive music visualization and VR instruments.

The last speaker of the day was Marie-Céline Merret’s recent work includes audio-reactive sculpture and a “Concert for the Deaf”.

All the speeches were inspirational because of the way code can be mixed with music to create visual effects to the beat of music. My favorite part was when George Brower showed off his Plaything VR game that puts virtual drumsticks in your hands to play music. In Playthings, the instruments are made out of food: like hot dog xylophones and jelly bean harps. This game would be great to have around and play with family and friends when they come over.

The event was a great experience and I was glad I was able to be accompanied by my fellow classmate who are going through the Tech Impact Program with me from Start 2 End.



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