Day 7 of Tech Impact

This morning in class, we had 3 teams who worked on projects together and came up to present some exciting projects.

The first project presented was from Madeline. Madeline created a music visualization project were there was a play button and a slide bar for the volume. When the button play is pressed, the amplitude of the song creates a visual effect on the canvas. Pretty cool stuff Madeline! 🎼

Next up was Naomi and Lisa who created a bouncing sunflower project with a cute little bee  flying above it. When the mouse moves closer to the bee, it flies the opposite direction and off the canva while a leaf of the sunflower falls off and bounces back on. 🌻🐝

The last presentation was from the man of the hour, Usman. He showed the class two of projects he had been working on. The first project was a cool scare tactic anyone and use on a family or friend. First he has you put your “What is your name?” then “What is your age?” and last “What are you doing?”. Once all the info is put in, a message in bold pops up stating that the person who created the webpage has taken your info and now knows who you are. I need to use this on my mom when I get home. 😂

Usman last project titled “Racing Car”. He made a car game with the ability to use the keyboard arrow keys to guide the car. The car slows down when it is in grass area and goes fast on the road. He showed us the code and it looked complicated but I hope to create one myself as I get better. 🚗

Overall, these teams created some really cool projects and can’t wait to see what other cool things they will create.

Before lunch, I worked on my Github profile and dated new repo to my account, pretty much just added what I didnt add before.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on refresher on what we learned during the week in details.

BTW, photo credit to Muhammad Usman. It is a screenshot of calculator he created.


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