Day 6 of Tech Impact

Today at the Tech Impact, it started with Leila’s career development portion of the day. During her advisement, we went over the basics for a few websites we may use for references, careers and upload projects. We briefly touched base with Github, Stack Flow, what a portfolio contains, LinkdIn, etc.

The class assignment was to create or enhance our LinkedIn page in the following way:

  • Lookup & add counselor and other students in class
  • Update LinkedIn profile
  • Add profile picture
  • Add a headline with keywords describing how you want to be known on LinkedIn
  • Add at least key skills to your profile
  • Make a list of 3-5 Organizations interested to lookup on LinkedIn
  • Join 3-5 Industry groups and organizations
  • Add any relevant project you worked in or are currently working on

This assignment was helped to me because I needed to update my LinkedIn to more current skills and adding a photo to boost my likelihood to be contacted.

Before the break, Dawn went over how Github works and though I have checked out the Github website in the past, I never created an account until today!

I created my Github account and read the guide from the Github website and followed the guide to:

  • Create and use a repository
  • Start and manage a new branch
  • Make changes to a file and push them to Github as commits
  • Open and merge a pull request

My first repo was emlop/likes and I added a list of my favorite sports teams with the NY Mets as #1 #LGM. Thereafter I added 2 projects worked on with the team and all the other projects will be uploaded soon.

The rest of the afternoon was used to work with my current teammate Madeline on the projects we did not get to finish yesterday. If you want to know which projects were assigned, please out my last blog 😉 .



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