Day 5 of Tech Impact

Today was an information galore from Start 2 End of the day. The topics that were discussed in class were: conditional statement IF, reverse ball movement, elseif, boolean MouseIsPressed, booleanVariableGlobal, while and _NestedLoops.

Though, I can’t explain the exact definition to these topics, I managed to work with the examples during the team pairing part of class with Madeline. Together we used the examples as a template to create our own unique projects.

We didn’t get to finish working on all the projects but we managed to work and power through issues we kept coming across. The number one issue, at least for me, was making a circle bounce from one side of the canvas to the other without disappearing.

After many trial and error situations, we FINALLY got the circle to bounce side to side of the canvas!

The code at the bottom is part of the finishing touch of the back and forth circle:

if (x > width) {
speed = – 5;
if (x < 0) {
speed = + 5
x = x + speed;



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