Day 3 of Tech Impact

During today’s career advisement part of the vestibule, Leila, went over the difference between junior developer and senior developer and also went over some career industries we may have an interested in. I am particularly interested in the tech, media and corporate field as career goals.

During Dawn’s lecture, we took a few moments to refresh Day 2’s lecture to get our juices flowing.

For today’s lecture we went over mouseX, mouseY and function mousePressed () and their capabilities. I learned with these codes/function, I was able to move the mouse and have an object of my choice move along with it.

For the second exercise we learned how to identify a variable before entering code so we can make move across the canvas and we also played around with the code to customize it or add features like looping an ellipse continuously.

The third and fourth exercises was based on the variable’s which I didn’t get too much practice with since I was focused mainly on the first two.

In the feature photo, there are two ellipse’s. The blue ellipse is looping from left to right continuously while the pink ellipse moves as my mouse moves from left to right at the bottom. I was trying to get the pink ellipse to move up and down but I couldn’t figure it out :-(.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s class, I’M READY FROM START 3 END!



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