Kick off – Day 1 of Tech Impact

I know I am a day late with this post but stay with me for the next few sentences or paragraphs.

Day 1 of the Tech Impact vestibule:

I got to meet all my classmates this morning during an exercise Leila had us get up and introduce ourselves to each other.

Leila also had us fill out a sheet where we identified some of the things we would like to learn in the class, some strengths we bring to the program and some challenges we had to overcome.

The last exercise Leila had us do, was one where we closed our eyes and envision ourselves at our first job after completely the Tech Impact program and give specifics into our level of happiness, some challenges we faced, etc.

When Dawn, our instructor, took over she went over the way in which the group will be communicating/collaborating. The applications we were set up with are Slack, Dropbox, Google Group and WordPress which we will be using from start 2 end.

We then installed Homebrew, Node, NPM, Ruby/RBENV, Python, Git to the machines in class. Last thing we took a crack at was p5.js which is a directory for JavaScript and learned that there are a lot of cool things it can do visually.






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